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          Volvo XC40 Recharged coming soon

          Coming soon

          XC40. Recharged.

          2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

          Rated superior for our front crash prevention. Awarded a Top Safety Pick for the XC90. Awarded Top Safety Pick+ for the XC40 and Top Safety Pick for the XC60 when equipped with advanced package.

          CARE BY VOLVO

          The cars you can subscribe to

          With maintenance, insurance coverage, and more — all covered in one monthly payment.

          Choose the Volvo that suits your lifestyle


          With a focus on Scandinavian design and human-centric innovation, our award-winning SUVs stand out on the road.


          Scandinavian luxury, unparalleled technology, and effortless power translate to sedans that let you enjoy every mile of every journey.


          A modern expression of some of our most loved vehicles, these versatile vehicles deliver an exceptional luxury experience.

          Electrified Options

          Our plug-in hybrid technology delivers an exhilarating drive with high performance and intelligent power.