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          Welcome to

          Volvo Cars Botswana

          Our philosophy has always been to put people first. Always crafting innovation for a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable feature. That comes as naturally as breathing. That is the Volvo way.

          World of Volvo

          Discover all our car models, accessories, services and more on our global site. There you can also build your own car, compare models and read up on our latest innovations.

          Visit our Global Site

          Find a Showroom

          Welcome to visit a showroom and speak with a Volvo representative in Botswana

          Importer Volvo Cars Gaborone

          Address: 36-38 West Ave Gabarone Industrial,Gabarone

          Tel: 2673656000

          Email: Rolff.vanRooyen@bwmr.co.bw